Coming soon….a list of Pam’s favorite links for nutrition, health, and inspiration. 🙂

In the meantime, special thanks to the following amazing friends:

 Liz Derouchers for her awesome help with my wordpress website!  I so admire her techy smarts! 🙂    Thank you to Shannon Graham, for getting my site up and running initially so I had somewhere to start. Yay! 

Ceasare wtih Eclectrick Mobile Productions (emp.studioz) for his beautiful work of putting my logo and music to my FFL video to create a lovely and professional introduction to my website.  He is amazing!!!

Joe Kramarczyk for his incredible belief and encouragement in what I am doing!  As a camera engineer (Ok, I’m not calling it the correct name) for TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) who worked on Joyce Meyer’s platform, he helped set me up with an in-home recording studio to get me started...and with over 50 video takes till midnight, his passion and patience carried me through!  Note:  AND he will help me with my future video podcasts.  Nothing like being put on the spot, huh Joe?  LOL!

Thank you for the many friends who have been supporting me in prayer to press on towards the goals, dreams and purpose for which God has created me:  Ashley Barkley, Wendy Mark,  Rose Lee, Terry Quinn-Bunz, as well  as many supportive friends from Church.  xoxo

 Thank you God, for giving me the vision, desire, drive and grace to continue pursueing that for which you have created me!