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well.ness (wel'nes) Optimal physical and mental health
coach (kohch) Your partner in reaching peak wellness

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About Pam

My Vision

I truly feel called to help women through the battles and struggles of life, especially as it pertains to their self-efficacy (feelings of being able to accomplish something) an confidence in getting there.

My Story

In 1998 I became a Certified Personal Trainer. I was nearly 40 years old and changing my career where I exchanged my pumps for tennis shoes. I had always had a passion for exercise and had a model figure most of my life. In my 30's I began seeing weight gain that I had trouble controlling. I was living in an unhealthy environment and the stresses of life were catching up to me. I hired a personal trainer and that's when my life changed. I took a part time job at a local women's gym and I quickly became their top trainer working more than full time hours to meet the demand. I loved it! Seeing women coming in with overweight bodies and crushed spirits turn around into happy, hopeful, energetic women was rewarding. But there were also many women I saw join the gym (not working with a trainer) and before 90 days were up, I rarely saw them. That's when it hit me! I wanted to help them with more than telling them how many reps to do with their dumbbells. It's the heart of the matter I wanted to get to! They needed more than someone designing a workout program....they needed to get in touch with their motivating factors to keep them going. In other words, their "WHY" for working out.

More About Pam

12 week – Wellness Program

Wellness is the condition of good physical and mental health, especially when maintained by proper diet, exercise, and life habits. Forever Fit Living is a 12 week program that focuses on helping individuals identify his/her health, fitness and wellness vision, motivators, obstacles, and strategies to overcome obstacles.   

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